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9 Jul ’12

Rocking Alaska on the porch of our Eagle’s Nest Cottage at Tutka Bay Wilderness Lodge near Homer. “Excuse-me for the views.” said Gus the camp manager when he showed us our cabin while pointing at these vistas. Next to the views we also liked the sound of silence in this cabin. Much needed when sleeping 70% in noisy hotels or ships.


  1. Mary Pronovost

    Hi Deb,
    Read about this resort in the Alaska airline magazine.
    Heard food was great.
    In Seattle and heading back to Connecticut.
    Safe travels!!


    • Hi Mary, yes it’s a great lodge not far from Homer. This is the place to come and see the black bear playing in the rivers to catch fish. David went with a sea plane to take pictures of it. It’s a cosy resort with good food and fine ambiance. Happy travels to you too!

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