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6 Mar ’12

“Secretitos” says the label beneath this picture. I spotted this while having a delicious breakfast (go for the tamales with aji amarilla) in the Libertador Hotel in Trujillo, along the north coast of Peru. It’s one of those quaint lost glory hotels that can do with a refurbish but are still very charming and pleasant to stay. The secret the horses were were probably whispering is that Trujillo is a gem of a city. Not at all on the “gringo trail”, with all do respect. Around the city you can find a incredible selection of beautiful pre-Inca times ruins. Often amazing projects sponsored with private money. In the case of the museum from the Sol & Luna temple, build with the help from the Ford Foundation.  It’s a superb region, perfect for the Peru-connaisseur. Or if you want to see a bit more than Macchu Picchu.

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