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14 Aug ’12

One advice when traveling in Greece: when you see a man catching an octopus, go talk to him. There is a good chance the rest of your day will be spend enjoying the company of that man and maybe his family or wife while having delicious food.

We are on a beach in Sikinos where we see Dimitris from Athens catching an octapus. With his bear hands, what else, because Dimitris is this archetype of a tall and athletic Greek, suntanned, long black hair and with the marks of the octopus still on his huge hands.

After the catch, Dimitris gives the octopus to the small taverna on the beach, invites us to sit down at his table with his girlfriend Vera, and ten minutes later we are tasting freshly caught and grilled octapus with raki & local beer. We talk, eat, laugh, discuss, learn more about Greece, enjoy the summer and sun and make some new friends. All thanks to an octapus.


  1. dimi -vera

    dear debby and david we just saw your photos and dimitris says that our company was fantastic!!!!!Your blog is so good……!!!!!!!

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