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26 Aug ’12

Pascale drives every day with a Volkswagen Fox to his coop of chickens in Fourni, somewhere in the Peloponnese.
“I am not sure if you should come with me, my chickens might get jealous” he smiles. Pascale is the premium egg supplier of the new Amanzoe hotel. It’s thanks to the very ambitious and enthusiastic chefs Rick Gonzalez and Ilias Doulamis that Pascale is now supplying his ultra fresh and 100% natural eggs to probably the most luxurious hotel in Greece.

Pascale used to have a successful business in New York City, for 22 years long, until he came back to Greece. According to him, he missed the sun. He ran a fishing business until the Greek government took it all away. Now he has 400 happy chickens and thanks to chef Rick and Ilias, high flyer guests at Amanzoe in the likes of celebs, VIP’s and probably also politicians are eating his extremely good eggs while having breakie at Amanzoe.

They prefer the luxury life, Pascale goes for the simple.

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  1. Rick Gonzalez

    Great shot !!! Thank you so much Debbie and David for you time and consideration and for the good times spent in Amanzoe and visiting all our amazing suppliers here in Porto Heli.

    Kind regards,

    Rick Gonzalez

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