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1 Sep ’12

How do Greeks celebrate a panigiri? It’s easy. You take lots of drinks, lots of local food, you start very early in the morning and continue as long as you want, you play live music (and when you take a break from playing your goat blatter bag pipe, you put the cassette in the cassette player to play some taped music), you dance like the best, laugh, share everything you have, you invite strangers, try to speak a foreign language, try to teach the strangers how to speak Greek, try to learn them how to drink and eat like a Greek and dance like a Greek,….

I can only say that the people living in the area of Kato Meria in Kea know how to party. Ibiza, Mykonos come and learn from these Greeks on Kea!

You will be in for a treat (and lots of drinks, food, music,…..need I say more?)

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