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4 Sep ’12

Lefteris is our neighbor on Kea. Every day he works in his small garden in Loudas, the old town of the island. First he freshens up my breakfast by giving me a bunch of hand-picked mint leaves. The day after he hands me a pot with Greek basil and two sprouts of olive tree. I am sure Aegean Airlines will love my hand luggage in a couple of days.

Before we know it we are having coffee with Lefteris and a couple of friends in his garden. He shows me old pictures of himself and very proudly, of his grand-daughter who is apparently now an air stewardess for Emirates.

In Greece you always make new friends. And be warned, you will always go home with a different content in your suitcase. One that will smell like you are still in Greece.


  1. I love kea , I love hora, I love yor work , I am surprised with your experience in kea, we wish you to come back!

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