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18 Oct ’12

When economy passengers turn right, business and first passengers turn left. In Doha this is not only the case when entering the airplane. Business and first guests of Qatar Airways have a dedicated terminal at Doha International Airport. Yes you heard me right, a special airport building only for their premium customers. the check-in looks a bit like checking into a fancy hotel, the terminal itself consists of one big lounge with all kinds of facilities for the discerning traveler who does not want the chaotic stress of a normal airport.

Boarding is of course also separate, not waiting lines, just the happy few that turn left when boarding the plane.

Only the luxury limousine that was promised on the website was replaced by a not so luxury, badly lit bus taking us to the airplane. For a minute, I though I was flying economy again. I have to admit, it was only for just for one minute… Then I turned left on the plane.

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