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26 Oct ’12

So you get up at four in the morning to be picked up by a bus to be taken then to a scenic spot to board a balloon that will take you over the dreamy landscape of Bagan. Excitement!
A cup of coffee while night changes into day, almost sunrise… everything seems perfect, or so you think.
The captains put a small test balloon in the air, how cute everybody thinks, until we see their worried looks. Too much wind, is the verdict. “We will drift beyond the last road and will have to walk back for a day to get here again.” So no balloon ride today. Back to breakfast in the hotel or some even might get back to bed.
The picture of the balloons you see below, in the air, are from the day before when we went there to shoot the lift off.

Balloons over Bagan, the only company offering this experience, has been flying since years over the pagoda studded plains of Bagan. We didn’t have the luck to fly ourselves, but maybe one day we will be coming back, who knows.

For those still traveling to Myanmar, book your balloon flight on the first morning you are in Bagan. So you are sure to fly during your stay!

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