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4 Nov ’12

A forgotten part of Myanmar are the Mergui Islands where the Sea Gypsies live. On the bigger wooden boats they sleep, eat and do what other normal people do in houses. The small, wooden canoes they use to get fast around or to go on land…


  1. Julia Korol'ova

    dear debbie, my name’s julia. you have had a rest in myanmar together with my parents lately. we’ve just seen all your works hear and i should say our family love them so much, we even showed them to our friends! the photographer is very talented without any doubt. pictures are full of feelings and it seems that they are alive! amazing and wonderful works, beautiful and breathtaking!
    speaking about your website, i think it is ideal, i mean it’s quite simple and at the same time nice, everyone can understand how to find interesting photos and comments, perfect! i have to say it’s a big problem of modern webpages that they are too complicated and sometimes it is even hard to find exactly what you need.
    i can’t leave all your comments without saying. i suppose it is very important to explain people some details, it makes them think more about the photo, to look inside it and find the idea of the picture, amazing job. i think your works should be as an example for begginers!
    we wait for your new works with a big interest!
    best regards, tatyana, miroslav & julia.

    • Hi Julie,

      So nice to get in contact with your parents and you again! You have lovely parents, full of life and very kind! Thank you so much for the compliments, I am sure David will be happy to hear that you like the websites and images. Say hello and give our best to your parents and if you need travel advice, you know where to find us! All the best from Belgium!

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