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6 Nov ’12

What I will remember of Myanmar? The scenery, the views, the pagodas, the blue skies, the lakes, mountains and seas… and the people. Somebody told me there is a charming naivety about the Burmese. For now….because everything will change fast. The lady also told me, “don’t rush to Myanmar, give the people the time to adjust to this new life, to foreign people, to more opportunities, to a better future.” I couldn’t agree more.

We end our Myanmar trip in Le Planteur in Yangon. This high style restaurant with fab garden is owned by Lucia and Felix Eppisser, a ultra-charming Swiss couple who traded their home country for this Asian adventure. They train and teach a huge team of locals how to run a restaurant on a high level. It’s the perfect end of a great trip. After our dinner, a vintage old timer from Le Planteur takes us through the hot and sticky Yangon night back to the hotel.

I wish Myanmar and its people all the best… and much more than that!

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