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13 Nov ’12

Let me tell you a bit more about this new way of travel. It’s kind of a life (travel) style, it’s called experiential travel. It’s also our way of travel.

As you can imagine it’s all about experiences, about the small details when traveling. It’s about experiencing a destination more in-depth, seeing it in a different perspective. For example the balloons we (almost) took over Bagan in Myanmar. There is no better way (except from cycling or hopping on a horse cart) to see the 3000+ temples of Bagan from out of hot air balloon when sun is coming up. So it comes as no surprise that Balloons over Bagan is an exhibitor, a Purist as we call it, on Pure, the travel show in Marrakech.

If you want to feel the place instead of just look at it, you have captured experiential travel. Therefor you need experts in their country or region. Like Tom from Arctic Kingdom who takes his clients to the unknown high arctic of Canada. Or Ellie and her family from Ultima Thule Lodge who fly their guests into one of the most beautiful national parks in Alaska where no roads or people are. Just one lodge, a handful of red bush planes and you. Or what about companies like Antarctica XXI who rather fly to the White Continent instead of sailing that nasty Drake Passage. Fly and cruise, instead of be-sick-for-2-days-and-expedition cruise…. There are more, great and unknown places I can tell you about that we already tried and who are Purists… but more about this later!

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