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25 Jan ’13

You know those kind of airlines when you board the plane, you already feel on holiday. A good example is Icelandair, connecting Europe and the US with this unique island in the Atlantic. Twelve years ago, on a very limited student-budget, we flew Amsterdam-Reykjavik-New York for a very attractive price. Two-in-one trip for the fee of one ticket that didn’t cost more than 250 euro. We enjoyed NYC in the midst of winter and then spend 3 days in Iceland on top of that. We loved it.

So now it is time to go back to Iceland, in the deep heart of winter. I loved Iceland back then when it was covered in snow with less tourists, more character. Icelandair offers very competitive prices to fly during the calmer winter months to Iceland. You pay around 350 euro, taxes included, and when you are lucky you even pay less.

Icelandair pilots are said to be the best pilots in the world. They all look like flying Vikings (same for our captains Kristmannsson en Sigurosson), tall, broad shoulders, pretty handsome and blond,.. And they fly in the worst conditions possible without even stressing one minute over it. That’s the Viking blood probably.

One of the flight attendants, Dagmar Torleifsdottir, told me they even form a choir, the female crew sing every week in Reykjavik. To keep the spirits high, probably. Check it out on YouTube and see if you “wanna be loved” by the girls from Icelandair.

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