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27 Jan ’13

Looks like pony, tastes like horse. The Icelandic horses are kind of a symbol of this country. They are small, fluffy and numerous, almost 80.000 live on the island.
If you like horses, you just have to ride them here, from a couple of hours to week long tours exploring the nature of Iceland. We climbed on Noyi, one of the hundreds of Icelandic horses of the Eldhestar Farm near Selfoss. Because it’s winter and more quiet on the farm, we got the chance to ride the typical Icelandic gait, the tölt. Fun!


  1. suzanna pezo

    Hey Debbie,
    Klinkt geweldig jullie reis, de foto’s zijn mooi.
    Commentaar van Lucia, mijn dochter: ‘ik wil nu bij Debbie zijn!’ … :)
    Groets, en heb het nog goed,

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