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30 Jan ’13

The Farmers Market flagship store in Reykjavik is located in the Fishpacking District, a new upcoming area in the city. But be warned, there are no real farmers here, selling their goods amongst the fishermen. Farmers Market is a cool brand with mainly woolen clothing, made from Icelandic wool. Don’t miss out on this shop when going to Reykjavik since it’s also the only place where they sometimes offer discounts or sales on the Farmers Market brand. A warm, wooly jumper to take home for example, the perfect souvenir.


  1. Trudy

    looks like a place to visit :)
    Be warned though that a jumper, that you buy at farmers market, is out of pure Icelandic wool but knitted in China. If you want a jumper knitted by an Icelandic woman you should go to another place.

  2. Trudy

    It was in the icelandic papers last year. There are just too many people buying icelandic jumpers lately that it seems that the Icelandic women can’t do enough for everybody.
    A good deal is small country shops or if you are in Reykjavík you go to the handknitting Association on skólavörðustígur 19, where they know who knitted what.

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