14 Mar ’12

A short movie about a typical Peruvian household, guinea pigs, cats, ducks,.. included. Check also an “after” picture. the reason is that today guinea pigs, aka cavia, are on the menu. “too cute!” you would think quickly. And yes in Belgium eating a pet animal, a fury funny sound making, cool looking cavia on the plate? No way. But here, it’s normal. Like so many other things in different countries. In Belgium we eat rabbit and horse. Tell that an American and he will think you are a barbarian nut case. Even the Japanese were surprised to hear we eat fluffy rabbits. While they eat the most weirdest things themselves. In any case, to connaisseurs of guinea pigs, it seems like you have to go try it in the restaurant Pacchappa in Cuzco. It has a beautiful outdoor patio, yes it is touristy, but they cook the cavia for 4 hours in a wood fired oven on a low temperature. It makes me remind a bit of China. First of all it looks like Peking Duck and you could describe it as “looks like rate, taste like squirl” A Chinglish explanation we saw one day on a menu in China. Although guinea pig does taste more like rabbit. I guess if you decide to kill the poor fluffer, it’s better to eat it in a proper way than grilling it until it taste like a block of tough concrete in your mouth. Veggie fans can go for the quinoa or the amazing selection of papas or potatoes…. about that last one, a lot more tomorrow!

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