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5 Feb ’13

You got to love airports with great (parking) facilities. Amsterdam Schiphol airport is one of them. There are cheap options to long park, easy VALET-parking options and the creme de la creme is the Excellence Parking, just next door to the main terminal.

I never saw such a fancy and clean parking garage. You can only access the garage if your car is parked there, so maximum security is a plus. In the walkway between the parking and the terminal there is a small lounge with a tea and coffee corner and free wi-fi.

Another facility I tried during this Schiphol visit is the Privium service. You pay a very affordable, yearly fee and you get access to the Privium Lounge, fast track security check through an iris-scan program, business class check-in, discounted valet parking, you can register for the FLUX fast boarder passage program in the States…. Need I say more? If Brussels Airport would have these Privium services, I would be the first client.

I always loved airports and when flying via Schiphol, I suddenly remember why.


  1. I love love LOVE your photos!!! When I first found your blog, I must have just sat there for hours on end, flipping through a year’s worth of daily photos.

    And yes, that parking lot is absolutely gorgeous, especially compared to those in the US.

    • Hi there, thanks for the compliment! I had a look at your blog and love the images of Joshua Tree, what a beautiful sky! Makes me want to go back to Palm Springs one day! happy travels and keep following (on FB and Twitter too)!

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