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2 Mar ’13

Goodmorning Padaste Manor. Probably still the best kept secret in Europe in terms of luxury hide-aways. We visited first time 5 years ago and it is still an amazing spot. The renovated manor house has ultradeluxe suites, often with own fireplace and views over the extremely silent and peaceful countryside. Location is Muhu island, a 2 hour drive from Tallinn. Drive over the ice roads or hop for 25 min on a ferry to get there. Eat a dark bread sandwich with local ansjovis on the ferry, enjoy the views over an icy sea and arrive in a different world. We love so many things about Padaste Manor that we can’t write it all in this blog post. the food, the service, the spa, the nature, the solitude, the owner, the chef, the wood fired hot tub at the edge of the (frozen) sea…..

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