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27 Mar ’13

It’s exceptional to find a hotel bar where everybody feels good. So we were very happy to find one at Haus Hirt. The young couple with the kid who is making friends with another kid with young parents. The couple without kids having a romantic moment or working a bit on their laptop, the older singles reading a book while having an Aperol Spritz. There’s always good music. Evelyn asks a photographer/friend to compose the play-list. Outsourcing is sometimes the key.
After dinner (a laid-back, casual 5 course feast with a lovely salad bar), guests head back to the bar for more drinks. While some of the little terrorists are already knocked-out in their beds, it’s the time of the day to try some of the good cocktails like the G&T with ginger and cucumber and other original digestives. Evelyn is still there, diming the lights, turning the volume a bit up, serving more drinks…. Another one? Why not!

Hotel Haushirt, Austria

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