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30 Mar ’13

We were looking very much forward to our stay at Hotel Daniel in Vienna. There was a big buzz when the hotel opened in 2012 and I also wrote about it in my travel news pages for De Morgen newspaper in Belgium. So now it was time to try it out ourselves.

The lobby area, the bar and the restaurant were looking promising. An eclectic, vintage, cool design look with the right kind of people hanging around. So our hopes were high. Until we found out we couldn’t take any photos even when we let the management know in advance we were there for a story, with images.
The reason? “Apparently their concept is copied a lot and they don’t want to have people taking pictures” Tells the “no, rules are rules” front desk girl. While Hotel Daniel claims to be different than any other “classic” hotel, with a young and vibrant approach and not at all like the “cumbersome” hotels most people stay at…. in fact they are even worse. The funky, hip, flexible, young, friendly style is just a facade. Just a marketing trick.

Ok, truth to be told. For 102 euro (on without breakfast (16 euro pp.) it’s not that expensive. But the rooms are very basic and are in stark contrast with the cosy and warm atmosphere downstairs. The isolation is bad, you hear practically everything from outside and your neighbours, there isn’t even a chair or a desk in the room and the unpractical bathroom (if you can call it that way) is well, not practical. The fact that Wallpaper* voted this best business hotel in 2012 is a big mystery to me. Did they ever stay here, checked in (very inefficient, unfriendly, slow,..) and actually sleep (or try to sleep)?

Of course this is my personal view and some people might actually like a short city break stay at the Daniel Hotel. But I like a helpful (ok, maybe less beautiful, but hey, that’s me) front desk and a comfortable room, with chair and desk, thanks. Plus less attitude, that’s always a plus. The A stands for affable and not for attitude in hospitality. Right?

ps, this picture was taken in a flash without the front desk seeing it. She was too busy checking in/out the 10 people queuing up on a Sunday morning.


  1. Chloe

    This looks as though it is trying a little too hard to be cool-and that is never cool.

    • They pretend they invented the concept of cool reception area with bar/restaurant but they did not. KEX hostel in Reykjavik did the same a long time ago and are actually what they claim to be. This type of “Williamsburg style” cheaper hotels is nothing new. Daniel just claims they were the first.

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