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18 Mar ’12

There are a handful of hotels in the world like this, with a very privileged location. For example in the case of Aman at Summer Palace, the hotel grants access to the Summer Palace in Beijing. Private access. When all the tourists are gone. Nice! We like these kind of hotels offering more than just a unique view. Sanctuary Lodge is similar. It’s located right next to the entrance of Machu Picchu. So you can come and go as you please. It doesn’t give you a MP view and it doesn’t allow you to go in after the official opening hours but we like it a lot nevertheless. It doesn’t come cheap. We payed almost 700 dollars for one night. All food and drinks included. The rooms can do with a fresh up but again, it’s all about location, location here. You can enter MP Park before the buses arrive and when the crowds are gone. in the lodge there is an intimate feel, especially after 5 pm when it’s only you up there on that mountain. We had high tea with some enthusiastic Japanese guests who preferred to toast with very eighties tricolore cocktails than with actual tea. Freshly baked scones never tasted so good!

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