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6 May ’13

How is it to stay again at one of your top-5 hotels ever, after 7 years? Fabulous. We are back at the Convento di Santa Maria di Constantinopoli. I can’t give you the website, because there is no website. If you want to book a room here, call the English cell phone number of lady Athena McAlpine. This small hotel is excentric, charming and sexy and still in our top-5 of best hotels ever. Yes, even after staying in probably 700 other hotels in between our first visit in 2006 and now, we still rate this very high.

I’ll tell you a bit more about this unique bolthole of refinement and joi de vivre in the next posts. I am sure that you will be temped to book a room right away.


  1. Reading about eccentric, have you ever visited Helga’s Folly in Kandy (Sri Lanka)? Maybe not interesting for you as a blogger, as I know it does get a lot of press coverage. But if you are in for eccentricity, then this is where you have to be.

    • hi Ann, thanks for the tip, we were a couple of years ago in Sri Lanka but didn’t get a chance to visit that hotel. I know about it and wanted to check it out for my GPS-serie that was running at that time in De Morgen newspaper in Belgium. But no luck! Happy travels!

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