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8 May ’13

From Puglia to Basilicata, it’s a mere 2,5 hour drive. We made a brief stop in Galipoli to eat grilled octapus at this simple but good seaside restaurant called Maruzzela. Funny to see how locals flock together to have lunch, almost pieds dans l’eau, and enjoy the views. Maffia type suites next to old, wrinckled ladies and young couples in amore.

But now we are in Bernalda, a charming hiltop village that got world famous because Francis F. Coppola opened a hotel here. Palazzo Margherita is exclusive, small and smack in the center of Bernalda. Sophie, his daughter, got married here and gave some worldwide attention to this forgotten region in the South of Italy. I guess I can say we move from one unique hotel to another. And stay tuned, because the next hotels will be every more unique.

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