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10 May ’13

When a famous film director decides to build (in this case renovate) a hotel in the South of Italy, this is how it looks. We are staying in Palazzo Margherita in Bernalda, owned by Francis Ford Copolla. A while ago, Sophia, his daughter got married here to the singer of the French band Phoenix. Apparently the whole town (and Basilicata) went mad and tried to see the married couple.

On the picture is our suite, next to the Copolla suite and acros the building the Sophia suite. I guess I don’t need to tell you that the hotel is quite luxurious with high ceilings, elegant furniture and quality materials and a glorious sunny terrace to sip from your welcome drink and savor the antipasti from the house.

I like it that a famous person puts a forgotten region on the map. People actually travel down South to stay here but in the meantime discover a region that otherwise would be avoided. I can assure you, Basilicata is interesting, with friendly people and great food.

palazzo margherita bernalda francis coppola

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