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11 May ’13

We have written a lot about Santo Stefano di Sessanio in Abruzzo, an albergo diffuso, a “scattered hotel” where the rooms are located through the old and medieval village of Santo Stefano. Today we are in Matera, the second hotel project by Daniele Kihlgren, a visionair when it comes to picking out the most unique locations in Italy and preserving the herritage of these more unknown regions.

So we are staying at Sextantio Le Grotte de la Civita in Matera, Basilicata. Kihlgren bought and restaured old caves, where 100 years ago people were still living in. It’s a fairytale place, almost out of this world. All the cave suites are hidden in a rocky wall on one side of Matera, with views over the valley and the national park.

Allthough the caves are simple in terms of decor they don’t lack atmosphere or comfort, maybe just a little bit less light than in a normal hotel room. Underfloor heating, beautiful old furniture, atmospheric lightning, and a nice bath,…

We are fans and we love Daniele Kihlgren’s style and motivation to save a piece of herritage of Italy.

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