Gilberto and Vera, Lipari © 2013 . All rights reserved.

14 May ’13

Gilberto is a proud commerciante, it is in his family, in his blood, to offer and sell something that good to people, that they are happy to pay for it. In his case it is all about panini, already since 30 years. Gilberto & Vera is the place to be on Lipari to grab a panini and have a glass of wine with it. Inside in the small cantina with a huge counter and stacked with over 1000 of labels of wine, or ouside while sitting on the small wooden tables and watching Lipari flaunt by.

Gilberto his panini are famous. They are huge, toasted, full with local delicacies from the Eoli or from Sicily and are all named after school girls who, 30 years ago, came here every day for there same type of panini. If you are not into panini, go for the daily aperitivo with local antipasti and lots of wine. It’s all good price/quality, just like a real commerciante likes to offer it.

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