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15 May ’13

A photo shoot on the island of Lipari should involve capperi. I was surprised to see a dish with carpaccio of aubergine, very thinly sliced with just some good olive oil, capers and mint leaves on top. Simple but delicious. This dish we shot at E’Pulera, a sweet restaurant hidden between lush lemon trees in the town of Lipari. I also had a perfectly grilled swordfish, for once not overly baked and still a bit “bleu” inside and served with some capponata.

The sister restaurant of E’Pulera is Il Filippino, in business since 103 years. The 4th generation of Bernardi’s is at the wheel. It’s a bright and airy dining room next to the old ford of the island and in summer they swing all the wide widows open so you look out over the sea.
We spend half a day here shooting a traditional pasta for Monocle. A simple but great recipe, just like an Italian dish should be.

Restaurant Filippino

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