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19 May ’13

Small is beautiful. Panarea is the smallest of the 7 Eoli islands. Some call it the St.-Tropez of the South of Italy, I would call it a charming, whitewashed enclave of style and refinement. Our host is Rita, owner of guesthouse Girasole. She takes us around the island and introduces us to everybody and everyone. After a couple of hours it seems like the whole islands knows us. No cars are allowed on Panarea, just electric golf caddies, scooters and the cute Ape. It’s easy to do everything on foot, perfect after an Italian style lunch or dinner.

Off-season there are only 300 inhabitants on Panarea, in summer the island floods with mostly Italians who own elegant summer houses or they arrive here with yachts and sailing boats docking for the balmy night in the tiny harbour.

It’s definitely the most elegant island of the Eoli so far. Molto elegantissimo!

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  1. // Off-season there are only 300 inhabitants on Panarea //
    Wow! That’s lovely! I wish to visit Italy at-least once in my lifetime! :)

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