View from top of crater at Vulcano © 2013 . All rights reserved.

21 May ’13

So far I didn’t spot any Mister Spocks here on the island of Vulcano, only weird hikers dressed as if they are going to climb Mount Everest. Rows of Gore-Tex with plastic tubes to drink water out of their bag packs as if they are going to drop dead after 10 minutes of walking.

The truth is, to walk up the volcano; it takes a leisurely 30 minutes. Ok, flip flops might be a bit uncomfortable, but you do not need to be outfitted like an overenthusiastic climber to get to the top of the volcano.

Anyway, if you like a hyper active, boiling and fuming piece of mother earth, come to Vulcano. You have stinky mud baths, a beautiful semi-active volcano and lots of green in the back of the volcano where the “volcano people” live, far away from the touristy port… Rent a Mahari chez Paolo and cruise with this cute, plastic, Playmobile kind of car to the other parts of Vulcano. I am sure you will love it.

Vulcano Mud Bath

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