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23 Mar ’12

If you would check our 2012 DAYTUM statistics, you will see how much time we already spend in transit, flying, traveling to and from airports,… If people call me a snob because I like to fly business, well I would like to see them taking over 100 flights a year in cattle class. Today was a good example. Imagine, you have two lost hours where you can work, finish deadlines, write e-mails,.. but you barely can. The guy in front of you flips back without any warning his chair so your computer is almost broken in two. You have to say no to food or drink or choose between the two. working or eating/drinking. Your run out of batteries, no electricity plugs in the chair… Let me tell you, business class rules and not because of the fancy food or extra attention. Because of the extra space and being able to make the most out of all that wasted and lost time up in the air. Next time somebody calls me a snob because I use my miles to fly business, I will book them a Brussels-Lima on Ryanair.







  1. Ben jij eigenlijk ooit “thuis”? In België?
    Volg al een hele tijd je avonturen…

    Een oude kennis ;-)

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