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24 Mar ’12

would you go for a morning like this? I would, especially after an intense voyage like the one we did in Peru. We are now on board the luxury cruiser Le Boreal from the French cruise company Le Companie du Ponant. We boarded in Guayaquil in Ecuador and we will visit many South-American countries on this trip. Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Colombia, Curacao, Venezuela… The best thing is we are not disembarking in Caracas but staying on Le Boreal to cross the Atlantic in 11 days until we end up in Lisbon. Trans-Atlantic crossing, a thingy I always dreamed about. So this beauty of a ship is now our home for the coming 3 weeks. We are with 200 passengers for the moment. Lots of French guests of course but also American, German, Swiss, Polish,… We can live with that. Today on the agenda: nothing but sea, blue sky and the occasional seagull passing our ship. Oh and crossing the Equator too. In style of course.

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