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24 May ’13

There are certain dishes or drinks you can use as a test to check the quality of a place. Simple things like ordering a G&T, an easy pasta with olive oil, garlic and parsley or when they have pizza, order a pizza marinara. It’s the most straitforward pizza you can get, only tomato paste, oregano and garlic. At ristorante da Luciano on Stromboli I take the test. “Uno pizza marinara, per favore.” To my surprise they add some delicious alice, anchovies, on top and fresh garlic, not the sometimes abundant amount of garlic oil.
So here is the score: the marinara is incredibly good, fluffy; thin crusted, Napoli style with good tomato pasta and pungent oregano. It’s been a long time that I have been so happy with a pizza marinara. A world away from the marinara I once ordered in an “Italian” restaurant (Peppino) in Villars, Switzerland. There they gave me a very bad pizza with deep frozen mussels, pink shrimps and chewy squid. “This is a marinara.” Said the waiter angry. “This is obviously not an Italian restaurant.” I replied. Oh well, now I will always have the marinara from da Luciano on Stromboli. The real deal (with some anchovies on top).

Luciano Pizzeria, Stromboli

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