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25 May ’13

Can you believe this wonderful dish of pasta? It’s a spaghetti strombolana at restaurant Punta Lena on Stromboli. It seems like this island has much more to offer than an exploding volcano if you look at the restaurants here on offer.
Punta Lena is an established address where chef Stefano Oliva presents uncomplicated and refined dishes. The sea crashes against the boulders below the restaurant and when there is a strong wind (which happens a lot here on these islands) you are protected from the elements inside the semi-open terrace.

So now about the food. Take the spaghetti strombolana with fresh, wild fennel, alici and pomodoro, served with toasted bread instead of cheese. It tastes perfect with a glass of local white wine from the islands.

Spaghetti Strombolana, Restaurante Punta Lena

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