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28 May ’13

Sometimes you see a website and you think waw! But the truth can be different. On Salina, our last night is spent at Capo Faro, a winery with hotel belonging to a family of noblesse related to the Belgian queen Paola. (not that we particularly like the monarchy in Belgium)
So as Belgians we had to check out this place and see how it is, even dispite we already found our big favourite in the Eolie Island, Hotel Signum on Salina.

So how was our one night at Capo Faro? A bit sad. The resort looks great, fab swimming pool amongst the vines, views to the sea but if we are honest we didn’t like the place too much. Why? For start, there is zero atmosphere. It’s cold, unpersonal, too pretentious in a way. The staff is there but that’s all,…

Then the rooms, most of them are placed with terraces facing the vineyard instead of to the ocean. They are all small, white boxes without any natural light and without a private terrace. For such a big property, the rooms are not spacious, lacking style and warmth.

The hotel was practically empty but they still managed to give us a room next to a family with kids. Nice. In general Capo Faro is overpriced in low season, 185 euro for a double room in May? Of course they are empty, but they probably don’t mind, feeling too important to care about their occupancy. Would I recommend? No, absolutely not.

But hey, it’s only by trying that one knows if something is worth it or not.

Next adventure is again Italy (mamma mia!!), but this time the North, South-Tirol, and then some Austria…. stay tuned for very unique places!

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