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3 Jun ’13

The great grandmother of Briol, Johanna Settari build this hotel in the 1920 in a very smart and timeless way. I am sure she would be very happy with how it looks now (almost unchanged) and how Johanna von Klebelsberg runs it now. Many generations of woman have lived here in this hotel with not a lot of interference from men.

The style is spartan luxury and the luxury comes from the remote location, the silence, the fact that there isn’t much to do then hike, walk, play games (no internet, no tv), read a book,… I definitely would recommend the rooms with a balcony and views over the valley. Nr 12 is my favourite with two sides of windows so some abundant light can get in. I have to admit it was cold in the room without heating (3 degrees C outside) but I slept like a baby and with a hot water bottle in the bed.

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