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25 Mar ’12

Practically live blogging when being at sea has its charm and yes it’s possible. We did it before. Almost two years ago from Greenland while sailing with the M/S FRAM when we were blogging about our travel for De Morgen newspaper. Last year we went also live from the expedition ship Orion in Tasmania. Lots of people were following us and were wondering if we would survive the Bass Strait. Two months later we blogged about the cherry on the cake: live from Antarctica while sailing on the Hanseatic. Does internet work while drifting in the middle of the ocean? Of course, even here in room 403 practically in the nose of the ship, we have full reception. Thanks to satellites of course. Most ships and boats are equipped with powerful satellite dishes from the company MTN specializing in connecting people while at sea, no matter how far from land. Even better, since we are at sea, we have full mobile phone reception thanks to this strange provider called On Waves where apparently my Belgian provider Base has an agreement with. Even BlackBerry works! So travelers wanting to disconnect while at sea, be my guest, I rather stay connected, that’s a fact.


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