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13 Jun ’13

In the past when we travelled to the Greek island, Rhodes always functioned as a gateway to the smaller islands. We never really stayed long on this “biggy”. But this time we decided to give it a try. First reason is this excellent holiday house near the town of Lindos, we are renting this through Eliza Was Here, a travel website we always found interesting and different.
This beautiful house is located along the beach in Pefkos, a coastal town where in the past the village people of Lindos use to escape to, avoiding the heat of town. Villa Aquavisionaire is perfect for a family or a couple of friends wanting to enjoy the quiet location and the beach just in front of the house.
We have to be honest, Rhodes and Lindos are busy, very busy. Mostly with the bracelet-all inclusive kind of tourists. But if you are smart and follow our advice, you can avoid the badly dressed (or almost not dressed) wrong kind of tourists and have lovely Lindos all to yourself. So stay tuned for more tips about Lindos.


  1. I absolutely love your blog and photos you post, specially from the seaside. Wish there would be more pics on the one day one photoblog or can I see rest of them somewhere else?

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