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14 Jun ’13

When in Rhodes, or Lindos, try to avoid the touristy restaurants. And there are a lot, from “Greek” to Thai and Mexican. Do you fancy some romantic rooftop dining with deep frozen moussaka,… No thank you, efaristo.
The real, very Greek, deal you will find at Mavrikos, one of the best in Rhodos, even in Greece. Third generation Greeks at the wheel, no rooftop terrace but a pleasant dining area with lots of green and flowers. Michaelis and Dimitris know what good food is about. They try to keep the tradition, keep it simple but amazingly good. Mavrikos is also member of Aegean Cuisine, so when you see this label, you know it’s good.

So on the main square, where all the taxi stands are, where lots of tourists pour into town, you find this small culinary temple. It’s not expensive, it’s not overly fancy, but still most tourists prefer the frozen moussaka and overcooked souvlaki with a view. Me, I went for raw sardines marinated in some salt and herbs and then served with sea grass and a pungent, spicy dressing, home made by Michaelis. Dimitris also serves a balsamico style (but don’t call it balsamico) sauce with it,… heavenly!

Another tip is to escape the hot spots. So go to pefkos and taverna Kavos, just next to our Aquavisionaire villa. Takis and Emma run this charming taverna with beautiful views over the bay of Pefki and right next to a small beach where they rent out sun beds. Takis makes his own tsipouro, olive oil, spoon sweets,… And yes his own “balsamico” style dressing too. But never call it balsamico. It’s much better than that.

Restaurant Mavrikos


  1. I’ve just been looking around on Twitter for Rhodes posts and I’m happy to say I found this post. The restaurant looks amazing and I’m definitely going to try and find it while I’m out there. Cheers for the tip off!

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