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20 Jun ’13

I love the luxury of renting a house or villa abroad. More space, privacy, the feeling of living somewhere else,….
On Lipsi I found this fantastic villa that normally can host 13 people. Since we are not with 13 and it is only June (low season on the smaller islands), I negotiated a better, read lower, price with the French owner.

Turned out the house is stunning (location location location, minus the crap Ikea stuff in the house) but the French owner is not at all that friendly. A bit of a shocker after all the kindness and friendliness of the Greek. I can understand that the car, bike, boat that are normally included, were not included for us, since we didn’t pay the full price (5000 euro for a week). However because we negotiated the rate, we were not even allowed to use the washing machine. The internet didn’t work and almost every day somebody came to disturb us or pay us a visit, once even to show the house to potential clients and without letting us know in advance. Not to mention the house was barely cleaned, fungus in some rooms and on the cushions included.

When I called the owner to ask about the internet connection, they guy started yelling at me, telling me to enjoy the island instead of working. Enfin, I do not get people that get angry when in the end they are wrong.

I guess this is the risk of renting holiday houses individually. You never know what you are getting and from who you are renting. So be warned, and check better in advance what is included and what is not. So you won’t have the same disillusions as we did.

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