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21 Jun ’13

On Lipsi there are several nice ouzeri where you can have an apero (or two) in the evening. Nowadays you won’t find it everywhere in Greece anymore but here they still serve some mezede, small snacks, free of charge, that go well with a glass of ouzo or beer.

Our favourite ouzeri is chez Nick’s & Louli’s with views over the small harbour. Every night Nikos grills kilos of delicious octopus and drinks abundantly Retsina. Oppa! It’s thirsty weather you know. (after 4 bottles of Retsina, Nikos starts dancing)

Habitués come here every night. Sailing boat people like it a lot but also local tourists meet one another on the terrace of the ouzeri and Lipsi locals observe and relax. This is the good life, especially after sunset and with the smell of Nikos’ grilled octapus in the air.

Ouzerie Nick's & Louli's, Lipsi


  1. Great colours! Where do the local women go?

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