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22 Jun ’13

Lipsi has still its active bunch of fishermen. You can find them in the small harbour, working on their nets, sailing in or out of the port. Meet fisherman Sakis, probably the strongest guy on the island. You recognize his boat by the pirate flag plus Sakis always wears a bandana and walks barefoot. Fashionably Greek Island chic. We call him Rambo for his toned muscles and fierce looks. You do not want to get in trouble with Sakis, he’s the man.

Tomorrow we are off to Patmos, another glorious island. If you love Lipsi like we do, check out this fab FaceBook page I Love Lipsi. And be a fan, just like us.

Sakkis the fisherman repairing his nets in Lipsi Harbour

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  1. kate

    one island…one summer!!!!!!

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