Private Chef preparing lovely meals with Beyond Spaces Villas, Patmos © 2013 . All rights reserved.

25 Jun ’13

Most people might think “Damn, I can never afford a luxury villa with private services in Greece.” I use to think the same. But if you travel out of high season and are with a bunch of friends or a family, it is possible. Take for example Villa Amalia, if you are with 10 people you pay 600 euro a week pp, chef, cleaning lady and concierge included. The chef, in our case lovely Vasilia, prepares breakfast and lunch or dinner, according to your wishes.

For this amazing house, the top notch location and these extra services, I don’t think that 600 euro pp. a week is a lot. Of course Greece has lots of cheaper options, that’s the amazing charm of the country. If you want luxury, there is luxury, if you want a great room for 25 euro a night, you can have it too. We always try to mix the more comfortable options with charming and basic. But for now, Villa Amalia is a big high. One to enjoy and to remember.

Beyond Spaces Villas, private chef preparing lunch, Samos

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