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30 Jun ’13

Did you ever hear of the Blue Zones? Places on earth where you live longer, healthier, stronger? The island of Ikaria in the Northern Aegean is one of them, next to other places such as specific areas in Okinawa (Japan), Costa Rica, Sardegna and California.

So Ikaria was on our to do list since a couple of years. Because a Greek island where people live long, Med-style, seemed like a cool place to check out and write about. The whole thing got extra attention and hyped because of books and articles in international media.

“Remote”, “friendly”, “cheap”, “inviting”, ….. are the keywords in stories like the ones in the FT, Guardian and New York Times.

Intriged and fascinated, we took the ferry from Samos to Ikaria. One cliche about the island is already gone, it is not remote. You get there with a one hour ferry ride from the busy island of Samos that has lots of charter and normal flights. Even Ikaria has an airport with flights from Athens. If you want remote, try to get to Arki or Marathi, or even Sifnos, like last year we were on a ferry for 5 hours. One hour on a ferry is not remote.

The next days we will check out Ikaria and see if the island can live up to its reputation.

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