Panigyri on Ikaria, Northern Aegean Islands, Greece © 2013 . All rights reserved.

1 Jul ’13

Remember we attended a panigiri on the island of Kea? It was amazing, it was long and plentiful and joyful. Today we checked out another panigiri on Ikaria. It was different, that is the least we can say. Again, lots of people, lots of music, dancing and food, but for us, the ambiance was not the same as on Kea. I am sure lots of people would love a great panigiri on Ikaria, especially when you have the luck to know a Greek there. Makes it easier. But this time we didn’t know somebody so it was hard to interact or feel a part of the festivity. So our advice on Ikaria, try to meet up with locals before you attend a panigiri and maybe you will have a warmer experience than we had.

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