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2 Jul ’13

Thanks to our friends from the fabulous website Aegean Pan, we discovered this small and charming taverna in the hills of Ikaria. The Greek hospitality that we were so desperatly looking for on Ikaria, we found finally here, at “Sta Perix” in Akamatra village. Chef Michalis Plytas is young, Greek and kind and knows how to cook fresh and inventive food. We didn’t need to style a lot to take beautiful pictures. How it tasted after the photo shoot? GREAT! If you need one good address to go and eat in the mountains of Ikaria, come here and enjoy the vistas and fresh air, and the food of course (with some local wine from Michalis’ uncle).


  1. Michalis Plytas

    Dear Debbie ,
    Thank you so much for your kind comments about my small taverna at Ikaria. Hope to see you again sometime in future .
    Best Regards ,
    Michalis Plytas

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