In transit in Copehagen, waiting for SAS flight to Oslo © 2013 . All rights reserved.

25 Jul ’13

From one brilliant blue sky to another. Brussels-Copenhagen-Oslo doesn’t change the color of the sky but it does change the vibe and feeling. Hopping on an SAS flight always means heading north and that’s a great thing. What I like about Scandinavian Airlines is that on board you feel right away in Scandinavia. I believe that all airlines should have a “national” vibe in the airplane. Decor, uniforms, music, food,… So you already feel abroad or “away” the moment you board a plane. We also like the paper sick bags on board the flight. Inventive! Also thumbs up for the sleek, updated lounge of SAS in Copenhagen. Good food too, not always obvious in most airline lounges. Next is Oslo and some wild exploration of Svalbard or Spitsbergen. We will board an ex-Russian research schip and explore the Arctic Seas around the top of Europe. Stay tuned for some high Artic adventures!

Sas Airlines

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