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26 Jul ’13

The Opera House is THE landmark of Oslo. With its white marble and granit look, it reminds me of an iceberg floating in the cruise harbour of Oslo. A fine place to have a glass of wine, or a coffee with views over the water. I hear you thinking “must be expensive there”, well despite Oslo’s reputation, actually it’s not that bad. We payed 2,5 euro for an espresso. It shows that Oslo doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. But if you want to splurge, you can do this too. In the evening we had a couple of drinks at the new The Thief Design Hotel and payed almost 65 euro for four drinks. Up to you and your budget how you experience Oslo!


  1. Annelies

    Kind of a strange name for a hotel: The Thief. No wonder it was so expensive :) . Have fun D&D!

  2. Lenny

    The name of the hotel actually refers to its location: the peninsula known as Tjuvholmen where it is located literally means: Thief Island. I believe it used to be where criminals were executed in the 18th century – very much opposite to its current purpose :)

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