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29 Jul ’13

When expeditioning, it is all about being outside. Although I must admit I really appreciate spending time on the ship too. The whole ambiance of a smaller vessel with the intimate library, the lounge and bar (albeit a bit too cold for me on the Vavilov, in the Arctic I like it cosy and toasty), I even like my stateroom, which is pleasant and comfy with a wooden writing desk, my own bathroom and a big window that can actually open up and let the fresh Arctic air inside.
But being on an expedition ship means stepping out into this cold Arctic air and exploring. We have always been very fond of Zodiac cruising and we have done it a lot. From the remote sub-Antarctics below New Zealand with Orion Expedition to the San Blas Islands of Panama with Le Boreal. This time we get into the Zodiacs to explore the west coast of Svalbard with its calving glaciers and still bays with transparent blue, floating glacier ice. Stay tuned for what we encounter under way.

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