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2 Aug ’13

“I am the walrus, lalalala…” The song goes through my head when we are walking one by one in a long row towards a colony of walrus on the island of Phippsoya. There are not a lot of walrus left in the world, maybe around 2500 or so. More than 100 of them are here, steaming, moaning, farting and swimming around this long, sandy beach. They are huge, enormous, almost monstrous but fun to watch. Mette, from the expedition team, tells that they eat shells and mussels, sometimes hundreds at a time. They suck up the scallop or mussels with their mouth like a natural and very strong vacuum cleaner. After their gourmet feast, they schlep themselves back to the beach, where they can sleep/rest for weeks and sometimes months in a row. The good life on Svalbard, that’s for sure.

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