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30 Mar ’12

At dusk going through the Panama channel. Let me tell you, this is GREAT and a once in a lifetime experience! the sights, the sounds, the smells, … Amazing to see our small Le Boreal next to those huge container and cargo vessels carrying sometimes 3000 cars or even other boats and airplanes on their decks. Some have to pay up to 250.000 dollars to pass the 82-kilometrer long Channel. Good to know is that Panama is building a new lock. “It will be less fun!” said our Captain Garcia, who we like a lot, by the way. So if you want to get the old fashioned Panama channel experience like it has been for almost 100 years, do it before 2014 when the new locks will be finished. Again I made a great, little movie of going through the channel, but will be uploading it later.

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