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16 Aug ’13

It’s party time in North Korea. Today is Liberation Day, the day of independence from Japan. A holiday celebrated both in South & North Korea. So for once, both countries are virtually united during one celebration. Liberation Day means holiday, so most North Koreans head to the parks and enjoy a day off. We see locals dancing, singing, eating and lots of drinking. It doesn’t take long before we get invited to have a glass of shochu and a bite of freshly grilled meat from the BBQ. If it wasn’t for our guides, we would probably still be sitting here. While most of them do like visitors and wave or say hello. A small number don’t really agree with foreigners visiting their country. They probably think we are “Imperial Agressors”, aka Americans.
Despite the not so friendly relationship between the two countries, 25% of the clients of Koryo Tours are American who are not that restricted anymore when traveling here.
A little later in the “Gold Lane Pyongyang”, the local bowling alley, we see the bowling balls – ironically – are “Made in USA”. Today, due to Liberation Day, the place is overly packed with families and men playing pool and enjoy bowling.
It’s clear everything is very ambiguous in the DPRK.

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